A rather interesting rumor has been making the rounds for a few hours, word on the street is that perhaps Microsoft has decided to give up on Windows Phone altogether and go with Android instead. It would warrant a major shift in its relationship with Google but the rumor mill seems to be adamant that this is going to happen, particularly because Windows Phone hasn’t seen any substantial growth and for Microsoft to boost its mobile business Android appears to be the only option.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said that the company has to make “tough choices in areas where things are not working,” and many believe it’s an indication of what’s to come.

The company already has made some major changes, it’s closing down its Web display advertising business and selling part of Bing Maps to Uber.

This has led to rumors that perhaps Microsoft wants to wash its hands off Windows Phone as well and make Android powered smartphones instead to have a better chance of competing in the global smartphone market.

Microsoft has not commented on this rumor yet, it’s gearing up to release Windows 10 as well as Windows 10 Mobile which is the next major update for its mobile platform.

The company is expected to release two new flagship handsets this year and both are expected to run Windows 10 Mobile, even if it does decide to go this way the effect may not be immediate on its smartphone business.

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