windows-10-mobile-store-downloadTypically when it comes to downloading apps over cellular, most platforms impose a limit simply because some apps are way too big and downloading it with cellular internet is a good way to blow through your data cap in a couple of minutes. However for those living on unlimited plans and want to take advantage of this, Windows 10 Mobile might have your back.

It has been discovered that in the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft appears to have removed the cellular limit when it comes to downloading apps. The folks at Windows Central decided to take it for a spin by trying to download Asphalt 8 on their phone which weighed a hefty 857.7MB and discovered that there were no restrictions.

It is unclear if this was intentional or if maybe Microsoft forgot to turn it on in the latest build, especially since it is still in beta, but for now the restrictions are off. Like we said this is probably good news for users with unlimited data plans and even if you don’t have unlimited but need to download an app in a pinch, or maybe use up your remaining data for the month, this could be a good way to spend it.

It has also been found that the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile has include face tracking features for the front-facing camera and has repositioned the address bar on the Edge browser, pushing it to the bottom of the screen instead.

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