sony-a7r-leakWhen it comes to mirrorless cameras, there are plenty of players in the field. We have mirrorless cameras from the likes of Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Sony, just to name a few, and while all of them make perfectly good cameras in their own right, it would seem that Sony is currently leading the way.

This is according to recent numbers put out by the NPD Group in which it revealed that as far as the US market is concerned, mirrorless camera sales are up by 16.5% over the past year. Thanks to the surge in sales, Sony is looking at a 66% increase in income from those sales. It would also seem that there is a tradeoff and that is DSLR sales have actually suffered.

According to the NPD, they have estimated that sales of DSLRs have fallen by 15% in the same period. NPD’s executive director Ben Arnold was quoted as saying, “Growth in the mirrorless segment shows this new technology and form factor are resonating with consumers. Going forward, mirrorless will continue to command a greater share of the interchangeable lens camera category.”

Of course this isn’t to say that DSLR cameras are doomed to become extinct as many professionals in the field still rely heavily on such cameras for their works. However when it comes to the average consumer looking for a semi-pro camera, it seems that mirrorless cameras are what they are turning to these days.

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