Motorola has just dropped a huge hint that it’s going to launch the Moto Maker customization tool in India later this week. Moto Maker was first announced when the original Moto X came out a couple of years ago. It lets customers add their own finishing touches to the device before it’s shipped to them. Moto Maker has since been expanded to several other countries and India appears to be next in line.

Later when the Moto 360 arrived the smartwatch was also sold through Moto Maker, the tool has been around for a couple of years now so the expansion is nothing that will surprise people.

Since it’s launch in 2013 Moto Maker has been expanded from the United States to Germany, France, the United Kingdom and even China. India is now the next destination for this customization tool.

Motorola has just sent out a tweet through its official account for India that users are going to “experience a sea of choices” come June 15th, it’s the biggest hint yet that Moto Maker is going live in India very soon.

Customers who pick up their device through the customization tool have a plethora of options available to them, from custom color options to engraving, the possibilities are limitless.

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