nintendo-wii-u-southwest-airlinesWhile the Nintendo Wii U is the company’s current console, the company has also announced earlier this year that they are working on a new console dubbed the Nintendo NX. Not much is known about the device for now except that Nintendo promises it will surprise many people. However according to the latest rumors, word has it that the Nintendo NX could run on Android.

The rumor comes courtesy of Nikkei (via Kotaku) who claims to have heard from their sources that Nintendo could be planning an Android console. The reasoning for it to run on Android is so that game developers would be able to port their games over with relative ease, not to mention developing on Android is something many developers are already familiar with.

This could also indicate that games developed for the Nintendo NX could extend to other Android-powered devices like smartphones and tablets, or at the very least serve as a companion to the console. Given that many developers have chosen to skip the Wii U in favor of other consoles from Sony and Microsoft is one of the reasons it isn’t doing as well.

So by having a platform already familiar to many – both consumers and developers – Nintendo could hit the ground running. That being said Android-powered consoles aren’t new. OUYA is a perfect example of an Android-powered console that was initially met with a lot of optimism, but eventually fizzled. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but in the meantime what do you guys think of this rumor?

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