In just over a month from now Microsoft is going to release the next iteration of its Windows operating system and there is already quite a lot of anticipation from the public release of Windows 10. Since it’s a completely new iteration it does require a completely new wallpaper, and the official Windows 10 desktop wallpaper that Microsoft put together isn’t merely a logo, it was actually created using lasers.

Microsoft tapped a team of artists to create a rather unique wallpaper for Windows 10, the team then used a combination of light and lasers to create the official Windows 10 desktop wallpaper.

It is unmistakably Windows as the logo itself is preserved while some very cool light and laser effects are added, the team led by motion graphics designer Bradley G Munkowitz basically recreated the Windows logo out of light.

Using the camera mapping technique the team was able to create a volumetric area of light, haze, lasers and projections full of details including aberrations and flares.

Microsoft put up an entire video dedicated to the design of the official Windows 10 desktop wallpaper to show the creative process that went behind this and it’s certainly an interesting thing to watch.

Windows 10 public release has been confirmed for July 29th.

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