windows 10Recently it was discovered that the US Navy’s warfare system still runs on Windows XP, a system that is no longer supported by Microsoft which means that the Navy has to pay Microsoft millions just to continue to support it personally. Seems like a waste of resources, doesn’t it? Perhaps trying to avoid another situation similar to this one in the future, it looks like many companies will be upgrading to Windows 10.

According to a recent survey conducted by Spiceworks, it has been found that 40% of the companies that were surveyed said that they have plans on upgrading to Windows 10 within the first year. That’s a pretty impressive figure and assuming that they all follow through with this plan, Microsoft should have no problems hitting the 1 billion device install goal that they are aiming for by 2017.

So why the rush to upgrade to Windows 10? Why wasn’t there such a rush when upgrading From XP to Vista, 7, or 8.1? According to Spiceworks’ IT content marketing manager Peter Tsai, it looks like Microsoft has done a good enough job with Windows 10 in the preview to convince IT managers to adopt the platform in an early manner.

He says, “However, early reviews of Windows 10 are positive, and survey feedback from the Spiceworks Community indicates that Windows 10 will be popular among IT departments, with the potential to achieve high adoption rates relatively quickly.” Windows 10 is expected to be released on the 29th of July and if you haven’t already reserved your copy, you should go ahead and do so.

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