oneplus-2-322It is no secret at all that the OnePlus 2 is well on its way to the market, and we have seen reports of it stating that the upcoming handset will cost you $322 a pop – which ain’t too shabby, actually, after one takes into consideration the kind of hardware that comes along with it, such as an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, in addition to other “impressive specs.” Of course, there will no doubt be concern that the Snapdragon 810 processor will cause overheating issues, but OnePlus is confident that they have found methods to overcome such incidences, and it does looks as though the OnePlus 2 will eventually cost more than $322. Bummer!

For those who picked up the OnePlus One before, it came with a starting price of $299 a pop, although you can now pick it up for as low as $249, and to see the sequel to this pretty good handset cost $322 is already a blow. Normally, newer generations of a particular phone would cost the same, but $322 is still more affordable compared to other higher end smartphones in the market. Now that we received word of it being more than $322, it is a bit of a damper.

Ah well, it looks like we will just have to wait for the official July announcement to know for sure concerning the OnePlus 2’s final pricing details.

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