snapchat-150m-photosAt the moment if you were to record a Snapchat video, you can either choose to record using the front-facing camera or the rear-facing camera. Unfortunately you will not be able to swap between either cameras during recording which can be a bit inconvenient but not necessarily a deal-breaker.


That being said the good news is that if you’ve always found this to be a bit of a limitation as far as the Snapchat app is concerned, you’re in luck. The app has recently been updated and it will now be able to record videos while swapping between the front and back cameras of your smartphone. All users need to do to activate the mode is to double tap the screen while recording in order to swap between cameras.

Apart from adding that particular feature to the app, Snapchat has also been updated with additional security features such as a two-factor login authentication system. This is similar to how apps such as Viber, LINE, and WhatsApp work when you install the app on a new phone. To verify that this is your account, Snapchat will send you an SMS code to help you authenticate yourself.

This is a feature that is completely optional as you can always choose to disable it via the Settings menu within the app. The updated app should be available for download via the iTunes App Store and Google Play, so head on over to your respective app stores for the download.

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