The gun control debate has sparked up again in the United States and amid calls for tighter gun regulations as well as opposition to such changes, Uber has quietly changed its firearms policy to ban riders and drivers from carrying any kinds of firearms while they’re using the ridesharing service. The change in its policy means that no driver or rider can carry a firearm as long as they’re using Uber’s car service.

Uber previously had a different policy which basically told drivers and riders to adhere to local, state and federal law, so it varied from state to state and there was no blanket ban for users.

That has now been changed. In a post on its blog Uber said that it seeks to ensure that everybody using its platform, driver-partners and riders, feel safe which is why now during a ride arranged through the Uber platform carrying firearms of any kind is prohibited in the vehicle.

The company further states that any driver or rider that’s found to have violated this prohibition “may lose access to the Uber platform,” basically Uber is going to ban them from the service if they don’t adhere to these new rules.

Since businesses in the United States are allowed to make their own rules pertaining to firearms Uber has a right to make these changes to its policy, its acceptance by the community is another matter altogether.

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