fallout shelterRecently it was revealed that Fallout Shelter managed to rake in a whopping $5.1 million in terms of revenue for Bethesda. This is a huge number considering that the game is only available on iOS at the moment, and that it is about a month old. If anything this sounds like a good time to start churning out more mobile titles, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately that will not be the case. Speaking to IGN, Bethesda’s Pete Hines revealed that the company has no plans for future mobile games unless they make sense, and by that he means that it needs to be a good fit with the titles that Bethesda has put out into the market already, as opposed to creating a mobile game just because.

According to Hines, “This isn’t the start of a formula where every time we make a game we need to do a mobile game… That’s not why Fallout Shelter was great… People appreciate the game because it doesn’t have our hand in your pocket. It did monetization in a way that people didn’t have a problem with. If we just start saying yes [to more mobile games], we start getting into this thing where eight games will fail and two will succeed.”

This is in line with what Hines had said earlier, where the company was actually initially skeptical about whether or not Fallout Shelter would success, although in hindsight they needn’t have worried. We suppose the rarity of mobile releases also means that if and when Bethesda does release a new game, we can expect great things from it. In the meantime Fallout Shelter for Android has been pegged for a 13th of August release.

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