boxer_calendarIt is no secret that the folks at Cyanogen Inc. want to distance themselves from Google as much as possible, despite the irony that its Cyanogen OS is based on Google’s Android operating system. In their latest move to “take Android away” from Google, the company has announced that they will be replacing the default calendar app in Cyanogen OS.

As it stands, the default app is Google’s calendar app which we guess is to be expected. However Cyanogen has since announced that they will be replacing it with Boxer’s calendar app. Given that Cyanogen has already turned to Boxer to replace the default email app, we suppose this move hardly comes as a surprise.

That being said this move could take some getting used to, however Boxer has already made it relatively easy with its design which is reminiscent of Google’s own calendar app, not to mention it will also work together with Gmail and Exchange, so if you rely on either of those email services for work or personal use, fret not as you will be able to sync events with Boxer as well.

The switch to Boxer is expected to take place in the Cyanogen OS12 update. The Boxer calendar app has received pretty high ratings on the Google Play Store where it has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. If you’d like to check it out and take it for a spin, you can go ahead and grab it for free.

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