Ever since the PlayStation 4 came out in 2013 it has come with a 500GB hard disk drive and the console’s $399 price point has remained constant as well. Only recently that Sony announce that it’s shipping units with 1TB HDDs but these units aren’t widely available right now across all markets. If you want more storage GameStop has you covered, it’s selling “Supercharged” units of PlayStation 4 from its “premium refurbished” stock with 2 terabyte hard disk drives.

GameStop is selling these premium refurbished units with 2TB storage online for $479.99 but if you break down the numbers it’s actually much cheaper to expand storage on your own.

The retailer sells premium refurbished units with 500GB HDDs for $359.99 this means that it’s asking $120 extra for the 2TB units.

PlayStation 4 uses a standard 2.5 inch hard disk drive and a 2TB one can easily be purchased for around $100, Amazon usually has deals on such products which means you can save even more. At least you’ll know when manufacturer the HDD is from, GameStop isn’t revealing the model or manufacturer of the 2TB HDDs found in these units.

Swapping the hard drive on a PlayStation 4 is a relatively easy process which doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes, nevertheless, if you don’t want to do that this is a good option if you want more storage. Bear in mind though that you will be purchasing a refurbished unit so your mileage with it may vary.

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