1tb sony ps4Prior to E3 2015 last week, there was a rumor that Sony was apparently planning on launching a 1TB model of the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately the console was not announced at E3, oddly enough. Instead it seems that Microsoft beat them to the punch with a 1TB Xbox One. However the good news is that the 1TB model is here.

Sony has officially announced on the PlayStation Blog that they have launched the 1TB version of the PS4 console and it is expected to be made available in Europe and PAL territories come 15th of July which is next month, so if you were eyeing the PS4 at the moment but wish it had more storage, we guess you should hold off from making a purchase until next month.

Apart from the addition of storage space, the rest of the PS4 will remain exactly the same in terms of its design (with some very minor changes) and hardware specs, although Sony claims that it is now 10% lighter and will consume 8% less power than before. Now previously there have been ways to expand the storage of your console through external storage such as the Nyko Data Bank, but just like hard drives for the computer, it’s usually better if it’s internal storage as it usually reads/writes faster.

Unfortunately pricing for the 1TB PS4 has yet to be determined, but as Sony notes on its blog, gamers will have to check with their local retailer when it becomes available for pre-order.

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