Google Eddystone

Google has unveiled its latest open Bluetooth Low Energy beacon standard, named as Eddystone. With this new standard, developers will be allowed an easy access to corresponding factors and exact locations, and all this will also be of great help to the users in various ways.

Keeping usability and security on priority, Google has come up with an inbuilt feature known as Ephemeral Identifiers (EIDs), which allows users to do things more securely, such as finding keys or luggage. These Ephemeral Identifiers change routinely and only allow authorized clients to have an access through.

Eddystone will provide better context to the developers for their applications, now with the use of Google’s new nearby app, developers will also be allowed to notify the users about their day-to-day activities, for example — it will notify the user if the bus is running late or details about any event which is taking place nearby their location. Earlier this year, Google has included a beacon-based transit notification feature to its Maps service in Portland, which is targeted at providing real-time transit informations for some stations.

Not just that, BLE beacons can also be converted to Eddystone through a firmware update and Google is also planning to get many partners on-board for developing more and more Eddystone-tractable beacons.

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