hearthstone samsungIn a move that will probably not sit well with smartphone owners of other brands and platforms, Blizzard has announced a special reward for Samsung Galaxy S6 owners. According to a post on the Hearthstone Facebook page, it seems that if you were to install the game on a Galaxy S6 smartphone (or any one of its variants like the Galaxy S6 Edge), you will be able to claim a reward.

This reward will come in the form of three free Classic card packs along with an exclusive Galaxy Gifts card back, which you can see in the image above. “Players around the world who play Hearthstone on one of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 series phones will receive three free Classic card packs and a shiny Galaxy Gifts card back!”

Already in the comments there are plenty of users who do not own the Galaxy S6 or any of its variants who are complaining about the unfair treatment. It should be noted that prior to this, the reward Blizzard handed out to players for installing the app on their smartphones was only one card pack, versus the three they’re offering to Samsung Galaxy S6 owners.

That being said, who knows what kind of other deals Blizzard could announce in the future. Perhaps the company might even make it up to other smartphone owners later by giving away extra packs, but for now unless you’re a Galaxy S6 owner, you’d be out of luck.

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