samsung-galaxy-s6-edge_008The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most anticipated Android Smartphone of the past few months and after a huge flow of rumors, leaks and teasers, we finally had our hands on not one, but two designs since the Galaxy S6 comes with a secondary Galaxy S6 Edge design. Although they share a common hardware platform, they feel different enough to have their own identities. The Galaxy S6 provides a straight upgrade from the Galaxy S5 launched last year, while the S6 Edge explores new design and user interface concepts that could become the norm at Samsung if user feedback is positive.

With the S6 Series, Samsung has addressed key points that concern nearly every users out there: premium design and materials, ergonomics, user interface speed, fast and high-performance camera, fast charging and integrated wireless charging. This is pretty much the A-list of any smartphone users, and the S6 hits hard.

Industrial Design (Excellent & Premium)

samsung-galaxy-s6-edge_009Glass & Metal: that’s what a lot of users had been asking for, or even demanding, for years. Samsung is now delivering on this: the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones use premium material pretty much everywhere you can touch them. Interestingly, it looks a LOT better in the real world than it does in the photos. The feel is completely different. As you would expect, there is his cold and firm sensation that so many people love to much. Samsung told Ubergizmo that they have worked on this design “for several years” under the “Project ZERO” codename, which means that this started “from the ground up”. "DESIGN BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP"

Interestingly enough, the weight is still very much light because the glass is extremely thin. And it is hardened glass all around, which is extremely resistant to scratches, so barring a drop, the surface should stay much more pristine than its plastic equivalent. Looking at the internal structure, there are still places where plastic is used, especially where the radio antennas are — in order to let the radio-waves go through (metal would block them).

The back of the phone has a glass surface, which is just on top of a metallic-looking reflective structure which gives it a very classy look. The white version is plain but clean, while the different colors are very interesting to look at. I could honestly not pick one favorite color, but the dark emerald green looked pretty awesome. The Black version is classy too.

During its usage, and beyond the feel of the materials on the skin, current Galaxy S5 users should find their marks right away. It just feels like a better, newer version of something very familiar. All the habits previously acquired will fall into place right away.

samsung-galaxy-s6-edge_003The fingerprint sensor has been upgraded from a “swipe” model to a “press” one. This means that it will be much more accurate. We have had time to test it at length, but we expect it to go from “good” to “excellent”, just by the virtue that removing the swiping motion will get rid of most of the distortion effects introduced by different swimming speeds. Both Apple and Huawei have proven that a touch fingerprint sensor is the way to go, and I’m glad to see that Samsung has joined them. This will probably become my main locking mechanism (I’m still using a pin on the Galaxy Note 4).

samsung-galaxy-s6_010Wireless charging is integrated into this very thin design, which is quite impressive since most phones who previously had that feature were quite thicker. Also, the idea that we should buy a wireless charging cover seems to have come and gone. It’s just not as practical as having it integrated right into the phone. Obviously, Samsung is not the first company to integrate this, but wireless charging built-into the Galaxy S line of product is a big deal, and may kickstart something larger.

No longer waterproof. This is the only design point that could not make it in this 6th generation of Galaxy S. I really hope that it comes back at some point because water-resistance is a great feature. It’s fair to assume that data showed that users cared more about premium materials and design than they did about water-resistance, since that was always a “nice to have” feature rather than a must-have.

Galaxy S6 Edge design


The S6 Edge uses the same design foundation, but has a very slightly curved screen on either (left+right) side. In terms of design, I think that it looks quite extraordinary – just like the Note Edge – but Samsung has learned many things since the first Edge phone.

First, the screen shouldn’t become too wide. In practical terms, the Galaxy Note Edge was truly a two-hand phone, and this is probably not what Galaxy S users are looking for. The S6 Edge is truly a one-handed phone, and the use of the screen’ edge is much more subtle now, but nonetheless real.

It is possible to swipe from the edge at specific locations to make things like favorite contacts appear. If setup properly, and depending on your usage, this could truly induce some small time savings that compound over time. One could arguably write software to do something similar on a flat screen. It would not feel as good, but it would work. We’ll see how users will respond to this. I think that we’re still in a discovery phase with this.

What I do know however, is that the S6 Edge’s design will be very much appreciated by a lot of users. Unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, it takes the Galaxy S design to the next level and if I had to pick one, I would surely choose the Edge over the “regular” S6 design. The thinner edge provides a stronger grip, and the slightly curved screen is just so beautiful — let me know what YOU think of it in the comment, I’m interested to sample your feedback.

Product dimensions: 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8mm, 138g (S6) and 142.1 x 70.1 x 7.0mm, 132g (S6 Edge)

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ProductGalaxy S6Galaxy S6 Edge
Display Diagonal (inches)5.1" (13cm)5.1" (13cm)
Megapixel Count16 Megapixel16 Megapixel
Battery Capacity (mAh)2550 mAh2600 mAh
Processor/Soc NameExynos 7420Exynos 7420
RAM Options3 GB,3 GB,
Street Price$225 Galaxy S6 on Amazon$435 Galaxy S6 Edge on Amazon
Link to full specsGalaxy S6 Full specs and detailsGalaxy S6 Edge Full specs and details
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