In the past we have seen videos where iPhones are destroyed by guns just for fun, but have you ever wondered how strong an iPhone is, to the point where if you stacked many of them against it each that it could potentially stop a bullet? Well that’s what YouTuber EverythingApplePro is trying to find out.

Basically he took a bunch of iPhones and a Samsung phone at the end, lined them up back to back with a little gap in the middle, and basically started firing rounds from an AK-74 gun. Now he had initially predicted that it would take 4 iPhones to stop a bullet and as it turns out, he was pretty close. Instead the end result is that it took 5 iPhones to stop a bullet.

Interestingly enough despite the fact that the first iPhone took the brunt of the damage, it seems that as the bullet passed through the devices, the more damage it did, especially with the fourth iPhone where it completely bent the frame of the device from the impact, versus the earlier models which basically just sported a large hole in their bodies.

While we have heard stories of phones stopping bullets and shrapnel, we doubt that many of you guys will be walking around with 5-6 iPhones strapped to your body as protection, right? In any case if you have a few minutes to spare, do check out the video above for the details.

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