Late last year Jolla launched a crowdfunding campaign for its first tablet. The Jolla Tablet needed $380,000 for production to begin and the team reached this goal in just a couple of hours. Before the campaign ended in December 2014 over $1.8 million had been raised in pledges. Jolla now goes back to Indiegogo to raise even more money and the added incentive for backers is the option of a 64GB Jolla Tablet.

Specifications have also received a minor bump. Apart from bringing 64GB of onboard storage this model of the Jolla Tablet also brings a bigger battery, 4,450mAh instead of 4,300mAh, and limited support for external expansion using microSD cards.

Users will be able to use microSD cards to back up content and what no but there are some limitations. MicroSD cards that are over 32GB and have been formatted for use with Jolla will not be readable by Windows PCs and other devices like tablets, phone, cameras and more.

The proximity sensor that was included previous is absent but the Jolla Tablet’s display is now laminated and it also has compass and gyroscope.

Underneath its 7.9-inch 2,048×1,563 pixel resolution display this tablet is powered by a 1.8GHz quadcore processor with 2GB RAM and a 5 megapixel rear camera. It is powered by the Jolla Sailfish OS.

Those who have already pledged money for a tablet can upgrade to the 64GB model by pledging $25 more to the campaign on Indiegogo. First time backers will pay $249 for this model. Jolla is also offering tablet and smartphone bundles that start at $419.

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