Lifesize-Cloud-Amplify-HeroLifesize, a high-flying video-conferencing company, is launching Amplify, a cloud feature that easily lets users record and share video calls.

Many people can imagine instances where you wish that there was a recording of a team meeting, a call with some detailed explanations or a good brainstorming session where ideas were flying too fast to write down.

There are video conferencing products out that that would let someone record a video file on their computer, or maybe on a mobile device. However, this often means that the file has to be uploaded before it can be shared, and that adds a lot of friction.

This is where Lifesize’s Cloud Amplify brings some value: because the video call is recorded in real-time, there is no need to upload it after the fact. It can be shared right away to all meeting participants, and the user can move on to other things.

"IT IS LIKE HAVING YOUR OWN PRIVATE VIDEO-CONFERENCING YOUTUBE"Secondly, it is like having your own private video-conferencing YouTube, with videos listed and ready to be viewed or shared. It is up to the conference call organizer to decide with whom to share the video, either inside an organization, or to a public audience.

Since Lifesize supports single-sign on (SSO), it’s completely possible to customize the access to fit the existing login system of a company. If not, a Lifesize user account can be used to access private videos. It’s also possible to download a video file, if you want to.

It’s clear that the video-recording “feature” was already out there, but it’s also undeniable that removing as much friction as possible is what’s going to make it truly useful.

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