A couple of months ago, Microsoft released an app called Hyperlapse for Android devices. The idea was to allow the creation of timelapse videos, which at the same time offered up video recording with added stability. The app was launched as a beta but the good news is that if you couldn’t get in or didn’t want in on the beta, you can now download the full app.

Microsoft has recently released its Hyperlapse app for free on Android and it has officially shed its beta status. It does not appear to have changed much since the beta and basically it functions the same as it did. Users can record timelapse videos on their phone, and the app will compress it by speeding up the video.

Users will be able to choose different speeds ranging from 1x up to a speedy 32x. There is also a selfie function if that’s what you’re going on. Now if you’re wondering why is all of this familiar, it is because in 2014, Instagram launched a similar app also called Hyperlapse. However the app was not available on Android, which according to Instagram had to do with the gyroscope and camera APIs on Android.

That being said it seems that Microsoft figured out a way that Instagram didn’t so if you’d like to get your hands on it, just pop on over to the Google Play Store for the free download.

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