sgs6 fakeIn the past we have seen devices created to look exactly like Samsung’s products, and why not? After all Samsung is a popular brand and to create a cheaper version that looks almost like the original sounds like it would sell like hotcakes especially to those who can’t afford the real deal.


Interestingly enough according to recent statistics put out by AnTuTu (via G for Games), it seems that brands such as Samsung and Xiaomi, who also dominate in real-life, were found to be dominating in the knockoff market as well, although we’re not sure if this is something that both companies might relish.

According to the figures, Samsung and Xiaomi knockoffs account for 37.3% and 30.96% of the knockoff market respectively. Coming in third would be Huawei, although Huawei trails by far a 3.97%. It’s actually a little odd that Xiaomi would be pirated given that Xiaomi is known for their low prices, but we suppose if it could be lowered even more, why not?

As for handsets that are being cloned, it turns out that the Xiaomi Mi Note is the most popular, followed by the Redmi Note, and the Mi3. Handsets from Samsung include the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 4. Oddly enough Apple was not part of the mix.

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