satya nadellaWhen you think of high-end Windows Phone handsets, you might think of devices like the Nokia Icon or the Nokia Lumia 1520, but those devices while good in their own right, don’t really compare to phones made by Apple or other high-end Android flagships from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, and etc.

This is actually something that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella admits during the company’s recent quarterly earnings report. According to Nadella, “We’re going to have great flagship phones for Windows fans. That’s actually a segment we don’t today have good devices and we hope to change that with Windows 10.”

However at the moment it’s really anyone’s guess as to what Microsoft might have up their sleeves with future flagship devices. For example a recent report had suggested that Microsoft might continue to use polycarbonate for its flagship handsets which is admittedly a bit unfortunate, especially when you consider OEMs such as Apple, Samsung, and HTC who have turned to more premium materials.

The upside is that the rumors have also suggested that the specs of the phones could be impressive, such as featuring QHD displays and running Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipsets under the hood. In any case we suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime what’s on your wishlist for a Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile flagship handset?

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