xbox-playstation-wall-e3-2013-bIt is no secret that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is selling better than Microsoft’s Xbox One. It helped that the console was priced cheaper at launch, giving Sony a considerable head start over Microsoft before the Redmond company wised up and decided to slash their prices as well. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it looks like Sony is still in the lead.

According to the recent financial reports from both Sony and Microsoft, it has been revealed that Sony’s PS4 sales are on the rise and are actually double the total amount of units of Xbox One and Xbox 360 unit sold. This is based on the latest quarter which starts from April and runs till June.

Based on Sony’s numbers, they claim to have sold a whopping 3 million PS4 units during that particular quarter. Sony also saw an increase as the 3 million units sold is actually higher than the 2.7 million units sold last year in the same quarter. As for Microsoft, they claim that they have sold 1.4 million units of Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles combined.

While that admittedly does not look very healthy for the Xbox platform, at the same time Microsoft did see a 10% growth in revenue with a total of $86 million for the Xbox platform which is good news for the Redmond company.

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