sony-online-store-shutdown-screenshotIf you typically head on over to Sony’s online store to purchase their products, as opposed to going through another retailer like Amazon or maybe Adorama for your Sony camera needs, you might want to start looking for another retailer. Sony has recently begun to send out emails to its customers, notifying them that their online store will be closing.

Their store is expected to close come 28th of August so if you have any gift cards or if there are some products that you’d like to purchase through its website, you should probably do so before the 28th where it will shut its doors at 1PM PST. However this isn’t the end for Sony’s online experience as they are expected to launch a new store soon.

According to the email, it says that Sony will “soon unveil a new online product showcase and more ways to shop.” However apart from that they weren’t particularly specific about what it could be about. In the meantime it seems that there are some on Reddit who aren’t surprised at the closure.

Some of the comments claimed that Sony’s online store was always a bit of a mess, while others did not even know Sony had an online store to begin with. Either way hopefully with a possible revamp/relaunch in the works, Sony will do a better job at creating a better online shopping experience.

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