surface-3-1Back in March Microsoft announced the Surface 3 tablet which is basically a smaller and more affordable version of the Surface Pro 3 which was launched in 2014. It also came with support for 4G LTE, although at the start the LTE model was only made available to the US market. However if you’re living in Europe, you’re in luck.

Microsoft has officially announced that they will be bringing the 4G LTE Surface 3 model to the UK and Germany come 3rd of July. They have also announced that the model will be making its way to France and Spain and a later date, although for those two countries Microsoft did not offer up any specific dates so we guess we’ll just have to keep an eye out for it.

However as Microsoft notes, this announcement is more targeted towards business and enterprise users. “We see particular excitement for our LTE-enabled Surface 3 with businesses and their sales forces, which is why this initial announcement is focused on business availability.”

To that extent, Microsoft has also announced two new 64GB and 128GB configurations with 4GB of RAM and Windows 8.1 Professional, which can be upgraded for free to Windows 10. So if you’re a business owner looking for a more mobile tablet, then come 3rd of July you can check out the Surface 3 with LTE.

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