iPhone-6-review-6Recently we had heard how a massive fake iPhone factory in China was busted by the police. This is obviously good news since some of these fake devices can be rather convincing, at least to the untrained eye. However it seems that closer to home in Detroit, a trio of teenagers have recently been arrested for trying to sell fake iPhones themselves.

Now these iPhones weren’t even close to the real thing. In fact what these teens did was get their hands on empty iPhone boxes and stuff them with Play-Doh, seal it back up with plastic, and tried to sell them to retailers. The retailer obviously realized his mistake too late and then tried to set up an ambush with the police.

He called the teens back asking to purchase more devices, but it seems that before the deal was closed, the teens caught wind of what was going on and fled, but they were eventually caught and arrested. The police then found a backpack with more iPhone boxes stuffed with Play-Doh and about $500 in cash and clothes.

According to Auburn Hills police Lieutenant Jill McDonnell in what can only be described as a line lifted straight out of CSI, “They were trying to make some dough with some Play-Doh.” The teens have since been charged with larceny by false pretenses and attempted larceny by false pretenses.

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