skysphere-treehouseIf you’ve ever read stories, seen movies, or watched TV shows, you know that treehouses are a very simple affair. It basically takes advantage of spaces up in the tree and converts it into a cozy hideaway. However Jono Williams has decided to take things to the next level with his take on the treehouse.


As you can see from the photos, Williams’ structure isn’t really a treehouse per se, but we reckon it shares a similar concept. Williams had initially planned for a treehouse but was later convinced that a regular treehouse would not cut it, thus leading him to build his own structure which was later dubbed The Skysphere.

Now this isn’t your regular treehouse, instead it is a rather hi-tech one. It features a circular room accessible via a ladder in the base, thus providing its occupant with a panoramic view of the countryside. The entire room is powered by solar panels making it a green installation and perfect for placement just about anywhere that has access to sunlight.

It also features a wireless sound system, WiFi capabilities, and there is even mood lighting. Williams has also included a beer dispenser and there’s even a fingerprint entry system to prevent unauthorized access. Pretty awesome, huh? We have to wonder if Williams has any plans to rent it out for the holidays via Airbnb.

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