bansheeGuns are used to shoot people, and are typically meant to shoot with lethal force. In fact trying to disarm someone by shooting them in the arm or leg can sometimes lead to permanent damage. That being said, it looks like the US military is said to be working on a non-lethal gun that can emit a 130-decibel noise.

This noise level is said to be equivalent to the sound of standing behind a fighter jet taking off from an aircraft carrier, and if you’ve seen the videos which are already pretty loud as it is, you can only imagine how loud and painful it must be if you were to do so in real-life. Safe to say that with a gun like this, it would no doubt be able to disable the enemy without costing any lives.

The weapon in question is dubbed the Laser Induced Plasma Effect and is able to direct sound at its target, emitting them through quick bursts of plasma energy. The idea isn’t so much to harm but rather to scare off enemies. Its effect is also said to be something out of science fiction movies. Apparently it moves so fast that it actually creates a blue ball of plasma which we have to admit looks pretty awesome.

This isn’t the first time that sound-based weapons have been created, but in the past they have tended to be a bit too big and unwieldy, so by putting it into the size of a gun, it would make it a lot more practical and mobile, thus expanding its use in the field.

[Image credit – Marvel]

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