windows-10-for-phones-leaked-buildUnlike Android devices, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform follows a pretty strict and tight list of what kind of hardware specs OEMs must use, or at the very least meet in terms of minimum requirements. While some think that this is a bit strict, others might argue that it at least creates a more consistent experience.

Now with Windows 10 Mobile coming up soon, we’re sure many of you guys are wondering what kind of hardware specs Microsoft might require of OEMs. For those wondering, you’re in luck as Microsoft has recently published (via Windows Central) said specs on their website, and interestingly enough it seems that Microsoft has lowered their specs further than that of Windows Phone.

According to the specs, Microsoft will require OEMs to create a handset with a display resolution of at least 800×480. There needs to be at least 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, and a VGA camera. No front-facing camera is required either. There also seems to not have a requirement for Bluetooth or accelerometers.

This is interesting as it seems to suggest that Microsoft is trying to court as many OEMs as possible By introducing a spec list as low as this, OEMs will be able to churn out affordable devices, which in turn would allow Microsoft to go on and compete in emerging markets, something they’ve done pretty well so far. Of course there are some who are probably curious as to what a flagship Windows 10 Mobile handset would look like, but that’s a story for another time.

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