windows-10-for-phones-leaked-buildSo Windows 10 has been officially released. This is great news for desktop users, but what about users on mobile devices? When will the Windows 10 version for mobile make its way onto phones? For those who are looking forward to the mobile version of Microsoft’s latest operating system, you might have to wait a bit more.

According to a report from iAfrica (via WMPowerUser), it seems that Microsoft’s Windows and Surface Business Group Lead Anthony Doherty revealed that Windows 10 Mobile would be released in November, or rather they are aiming for a November timeframe, meaning that there is a chance it might be earlier or later than that, depending on the situation.

That being said, it should be noted that Doherty is the lead for Microsoft in the South African region, meaning that the November timeframe he is speaking of might be limited to the African region as opposed to a global or even US release, so that should be taken into consideration. Assuming that is the case, it also means that we might still have awhile to wait before Microsoft’s flagship smartphone is released.

We know that Microsoft has such a device in the works but last we heard, it would only be released when Windows 10 Mobile is released, so if the OS has been pegged for November, it means that we shouldn’t expect the flagship to arrive before then.

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