axonwatchIt looks like ZTE has been having a busy week. The company has not only announced the ZTE Axon, the ZTE Axon Mini, and now it looks like the company has their own smartwatch as well in the form of the ZTE Axon Watch, which as you can see in the image above actually looks pretty decent.

In fact upon first glance you’d probably be hardpressed to tell that it might be a traditional watch as opposed to a smartwatch, but that’s largely thanks to the device using its own custom software. Unlike the majority of smartwatches in the market at the moment, the Axon Watch will not be powered by Android Wear.

This means that it will have its own software calling the shots and while this might be a good idea from a “freedom” perspective, it also means that app compatibility will be limited, unless app developers decide to start churning out apps for ZTE. The device will feature 512MB of RAM and will sport a 1.4-inch display with a sapphire coating.

It will come with a 300mAh battery, 4GB of storage, and Bluetooth 4.1. It will also come with the same features/functions that one might expect from a smartwatch, such as displaying notifications and tracking your fitness. No word on pricing but for now, the ZTE Axon Watch is expected to be an exclusive to China.

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