Google announced a new payments service earlier this year called Android Pay and while it promised that the service will be released around the fall there’s no word as yet from the company regarding the day it goes live. There have been some reports recently which suggested that AndroidPay might go live this week but that hasn’thappened,so it’s safe to say thatAndroid Pay is not going togo live this week.


A purported internal memo from McDonald’s was leaked online recently which pegged August 26th as the launch date for Android Pay but the day came and went without the service going live.

A similar memo was leaked online over at reddit and it too pegged August 26th as the launch date, excitement grew when Subway started emailing customers that the new payments service was live at its outlets.The email even linked to Google’s Android Pay website which still states that the service is “coming soon.”

All of this goes to show that Android Pay launch really is around the corner, but it’s just not happening this week.Fromthe looks of it these partners have merely jumped the proverbial gun on the official launch date for Android Pay, Google hasn’t said anything on the matter, but earlier today a tweet sent from the official Android Pay account tells us to “stay tuned.”

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