Google announced last year that it was going to add support for Visa Checkout to Android Pay. It didn’t say when the integration was live as the company was still working on integrating the two services back then. Almost one year after the initial announcement was made, Visa Checkout is finally supported on Android Pay.

The company was aiming to have the services integrated by early this year but that didn’t happen for some reason. Perhaps it took more time than expected or the company just put it on the back burner and worked on more important things.

Visa Checkout was spotted in a demo at Google’s I/O Developers Conference earlier this year in May but even then it wasn’t confirmed when Visa Checkout would be available for Android Pay users.

The screenshots that are now available online show that Android Pay users can go through the process and setup Visa Checkout with Android Pay. This will enable Android Pay users to use Google’s payment service where there’s a Visa Checkout button when they’re shopping online on their smartphone.

Their billing and shipping information will be added automatically and they will just have to complete the purchase by authorizing it with a touch on the fingerprint scanner.

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