Hopefully by now most of you guys have seen and finished Breaking Bad, or at least aren’t opposed to reading its spoilers. If you have, then you probably might recall that at the end, Walter White rigged the trunk of his car with a machine gun that automatically fires rounds into the house where he and Jesse Pinkman are being held hostage, effectively killing everyone except both of them, thus allowing them to escape.

The trap itself was a DIY solution, at least according to the show, but sometimes shows are exaggerated for entertainment purposes, so the question is, would such a booby trap work in real life? Thankfully we have our answer as the folks at the MythBusters took it upon themselves to recreate it in real-life and test it out as well.

They were also joined by the show’s creator Vince Gilligan who appeared to be just as curious as to whether or not Breaking Bad’s booby trap would actually work out in real-life, and say to say that it did! Granted it did not have the same kind of destruction compared to the show, but based on their testing they found out that it works, and that it would have actually killed the people in the house.

Interestingly enough they also found that because the bullets had to cut through the car’s trunk that some of these bullets did not end up flying straight, but were instead tossed at a high velocity, creating some interesting holes in the wall. In any case if you have a few minutes to spare and are a huge Breaking Bad fan, you’ll want to check out the video above.

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