Are you fed up of how boring SSDs look and would you rather purchase one that was more fashionable than what everybody else has? Brinell has just the products you need, this German company has created solid state drives that are decked out in wood, steel and leather. Since these are premium materials the SSDs will cost a pretty penny but as they say, you get what you pay for.

Brinell will launch these solid state drives at the IFA 2015 conference in Berlin next month, it’s new SSDs have already received a Red Dot award for their exceptional design and look.

These SSDs are available in soft nappa leather with brown, black and white color options. The steel option in accompanied by a faux-carbon look and there’s also a Makassar ebony model that comes with its own leather pouch.

Brinell is responsible for the exterior only because inside all that flash lies a Samsung EVO SSD that provides 420MBps transfers over USB 3.0. These SSDs start at $220 for 250GB storage and go up to $660 for 1TB of storage enveloped in premium materials, there’s an extra $25 charge for the wooden case.

Many wouldn’t spend this kind of money on SSDs but one can’t deny that there exists a market for products kitted with materials like leather and wood, just look at smartphones from LG and Motorola.

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