d3 seasonsAs many gamers are aware, with the release of Diablo 3, it also marks it as Blizzard’s first successful foray into the console market, that’s if you don’t count the failed attempt which was StarCraft: Ghost. However there are some limitations to the console version and that is the lack of Battle.net.

This is because the console version relies on the services provided by Sony and Microsoft, which also means that the Seasons feature on the PC version of the game is not part of the console version either, or at least that’s what it seems for now. According to a report from IGN, it sounds as if Blizzard could be changing their minds.

According to Diablo 3’s Senior Game Producer Rob Foote, while they might not be able to bring the exact copy of Seasons to consoles, they might be able to bring something similar. According to Foote, “Sometimes Seasons aren’t really about the leaderboard, but having a fresh start, experiencing the game again and feeling like you’re part of a larger community than yourself where the excitement around Diablo is there. So I think maybe that’s something we need to re-evaluate again. We’ll probably go back and revisit that decision.”

However we should point out that this is in no way a guarantee that Seasons will be coming to Diablo 3, but at the very least Blizzard is considering it. In the meantime how do console Diablo 3 players feel about this potentially new feature?

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