europe-flagWhile Europe shares a common currency, not everything is priced the same. For example a game you buy on Steam in Germany might be priced differently compared to if you were to buy it if you were in Italy. However the discrepancy in pricings might so go the way of the dinosaur if the European Commission has their way.

According to a report from MCV, it seems that the Commission is currently proposing implementing a flat price on digital goods across the EU. This means that digital products such as games you purchase from Steam, the PlayStation Store, or Xbox Live will be subject to the same price, regardless of which EU country you live in.

In a statement made to MCV, the Commission said, “The Digital Single Market initiative seeks to provide an unfettered European market for digital goods and services across all its 28 member states Simplified and modern rules for online and digital cross-border purchases will encourage more businesses to sell online across borders and further develop digital markets such as games.”

Unsurprisingly there are developers who are on board with the idea, as some do not agree that as far as digital goods are concerned, its pricing should not vary from country to country, especially in a region like Europe where a common currency is shared across the various member nations.

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