iPhone-6-review-2According to the rumors about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that we have heard so far, one of them suggested that the next-gen iPhones are expected to pack a 12MP rear-facing camera. Now thanks to a report from Business Insider, it seems that they have “confirmed” the existence of the 12MP camera.

However it turns out that the new camera is more than just a megapixel upgrade. The report claims that according to their source, Apple will be using a bigger sensor compared to the previous generation, meaning that in terms of photos, the new iPhones should be able to take brighter photos thanks to its larger sensor that can take in more light.

That being said, the lens setup appears to be similar from before, meaning that Apple will be turning to a five-element lens for the next-gen iPhone. However Business Insider also claims to have heard from their source that Apple has apparently ordered a six-element lens, but it seems that those components will instead be reserved for future devices, presumably the iPhone 7 in 2016.

As it stands, there are several Android OEMs who are using a six-element lens setup. This includes the OnePlus 2 and it is said that last year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 also used a six-element lens. The addition of the lens is said to allow for clearer and sharper images, so hopefully we will see that setup introduced to Apple’s iPhone next year.

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