microsoft logoAccording to an earlier rumor, it was suggested that Microsoft’s new Lumia phones will skip IFA 2015 next month. If you’re disappointed, you won’t be disappointed for too long because according to a new rumor from WPDang, Microsoft’s new Lumia phones will be announced in October instead.

It turns out that the announcement in October will be a pretty big one as Microsoft will not only announce new Lumia phones, but will also announce the new Surface Pro 4 as well as the Microsoft Band 2, the successor to last year’s fitness tracker. In fact the Microsoft Band was announced in October 2014, so for the Band 2 to be announced October this year makes sense.

Given that manufacturing of the device has reportedly stopped and we’re seeing Microsoft knocking $50 off the price, it does seem to hint that a newer model could be on its way. As for the Surface Pro 4, a rumor from earlier this year had hinted at an October revealed and this latest report seems to corroborate that.

If the rumors are to be believed, the new Surface Pro 4 won’t be too big of a change from its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3. It is said to feature the same design and form factor, with the main difference being that it will be powered by Intel’s Skylake processor. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but if you’re a fan of Microsoft’s products, check back with us in the next couple of months for more updates.

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