yolk-shell-batteryWith so many mobile devices being used by the masses these days, it would make plenty of sense to ensure that battery technology is well developed in such a way for these mobile devices to last the distance throughout the entire day’s use. Well, it looks like a true blue battery breakthrough is hard to come by, as what we seem to experience would be slow but sure extensions in battery life courtesy of small improvements made in existing technologies, coupled with power-saving components. There is a new MIT research that will hopefully deliver a quantum leap in battery technology with what they call a “yolk and shell” invention.

Such new “egg” batteries are said to be made using nanoparticles on a titanium dioxide “shell” and an aluminium “yolk” for the anode. In other words, it will be very different from existing lithium batteries, as they are able to expand and contract – and doing so without seeing any degradation in overall capacity in due time.

With titanium dioxide and aluminum in place, this battery is touted to have triple the capacity of existing batteries within a similar footprint and with normal charging rates. Not only that, since there would be no severe expand-contract performance degradation, such a battery will be able to achieve a full charge in a matter of 6 minutes, across 500 cycles, now how about that? Now all that remains is to ensure that this breakthrough can enjoy economy of scale for the masses to benefit. [Press Release]

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