roadtrip chargerIf you’re traveling and you want to charge your phone, getting a car charger is a good way to charge your device while on the go. However once the car comes to a stop, charging stops too, so what if your phone has not been fully charged yet? Do you sit in the car and let the engine run while your phone charges?

That hardly seems like the best solution, which is why Nomad has recently announced the Roadtrip. As you can see in the image above, this is a charger designed to be used in cars. However the upside is that along with being able to use it in cars, it doubles up as an external battery pack, a 3,000mAh one at that.

This means that you can unplug it and keep it with you to continue charging your phone. Since it also plugs into the charging port in your car, it can also recharge itself while you’re driving too, essentially ensuring you will always have spare juice at all times. Interestingly enough Nomad has decided to adopt the USB-C connector.

This means that you will need a special USB-C cable to charge your phone with instead of using the regular USB cable. This might be a bit inconvenient but if you don’t mind, you can head on over to Nomad’s website and pre-order the Roadtrip for $39.99.

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