A photo taken indoors in less-than-ideal lighting conditions

A photo taken indoors in less-than-ideal lighting conditions

It is no secret that when it comes to Android, Samsung is probably the king (although by the looks of it Xiaomi is very quickly catching up). This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that in the US Android market, Samsung is one of the two companies dominating the market, and if you’re wondering who is the second, it is none other than LG.

This is according to recent data shared by the Kantar Worldpanel. According to researcher Carolina Milanesi, “While the Android ecosystem in Europe and China continues to offer several brands to choose from, Android in the U.S. is undergoing its strongest consolidation yet, with Samsung and LG now accounting for 78% of all Android sales.”

However according to Milanesi, it seems that LG is doing much better than Samsung. She notes that the company doubled their share of the US smartphone market and in the recent quarter, even managed to nab more smartphone buyers than Samsung which is actually pretty impressive, especially when a few years ago you might not even have considered an LG handset.

However at the same time it is a bit troubling that the Android market is being dominated so heavily by two companies. Thankfully both are too much of rivals to form a duopoly which could spell trouble for other Android OEMs. So what do you guys make of the numbers? Have you started noticing more Samsung and LG handsets than other brands? Or do you feel like it’s an even distribution?

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