The rumor mill has been fascinated with the idea of an iPad Pro, that Apple might launch an iPad with a 12 inch display. Now that won’t be something out of this world because countless other manufacturers have launched tablets with even larger displays but perhaps Samsung might be working on something that would outshine them all. It appears that the company is testing an 18.4 inch tablet.

Import tracker Zauba has a listing for the Samsung SS-18.4 tablet that was imported into India last week for the purpose of testing and evaluation. The import documents mention that seven pieces were imported with unit price of $510 each, and that they will be destroyed once the intended purpose has been fulfilled.

It’s safe to say that a tablet with an 18.4 inch display is not likely to appeal to a vast majority of average consumers because it’s just going to be too big, but perhaps the average consumer isn’t Samsung’s target for the product.

For all we know the company might be developing this tablet with a specific purpose in mind, the tablet might be geared towards the enterprise and education sector as opposed to the general public, that’s also what the rumor mill predicts about the iPad Pro.

Samsung has not yet officially said anything about an 18.4 inch tablet at this point in time, since these are prototype units any way it’s likely there’s a significant amount of work to be done before such a product could possibly see the light of day.

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