satechi-power-stripThe modern day tech lover would definitely have a number of portable devices that he or she brings around, and this would also mean making sure that all of these portable devices will need to be charged up from time to time, where the smartphone and the tablet (and soon, the smartwatch as it picks up in popularity) tend to be the most frequently charged devices. However, you might actually run out of power outlets to do your thing, which is why Satechi has stepped forward with the $39.99 Satechi Aluminum Power Strip.

What makes the Satechi Aluminum Power Strip different from what is on the market at the moment? For starters, this bad boy will sport not two or three, but a quartet of AC outlets – as well as four accompanying USB ports as well, all of them arriving in a sleek, compact design that is perfect for reducing clutter and to further conserve energy. The energy saving Aluminum Power Strip will boast of IC smart technology, where it will automatically adjust the amount of power used to the amount of power required to match the plugged in devices’ requirements, so that there will be no more issues concerning surges as well as making use of extra energy. [Press Release]

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