For as long as we can remember PBS has been home to Sesame Street but things are changing, as per The New York Times the show’s parent group Sesame Workshop which is a nonprofit has signed a deal with HBO which makes the popular show exclusive to the cable giant for nine months. The next five seasons will be exclusive to HBO starting this fall.

Under this new deal Sesame Workshop will be able to produce 35 episodes per year which is almost twice the number of episodes that it currently produces, the deal also covers two new spinoff series one of which is an original show focusing on educating children.

All new seasons will be exclusive to HBO for nine months before they’re back on PBS so those who don’t want to pay for HBO can wait for nine months to catch the upcoming seasons. HBO has also licensed some 150 previous episodes of Sesame Street so kids will have a lot of content to watch through.

Sesame Street co-founder Joan Ganz Cooney said that “I’ve long admired the creative work of HBO and can’t think of a better partner to continue the quality of Sesame Street’s programming.”

Many might find it difficult to equate HBO with children’s programming considering that majority of its content is more geared towards mature audiences, but it just goes to show how the cable channel is adapting to the changes that a post-cable world is bringing to the table.

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