Sling TV is among the many services out there that are catering to the increasing amount of cord cutters who would rather pay monthly for TV instead of going with a traditional cable TV subscription. This move has even forced players like Comcast into the game but these companies don’t appear to be getting alone. Sling TV says that Comcast’s owned and operated NBC stations are blocking its new TV advertisements.

The advertisements obviously extol the virtues of online TV streaming and how Sling TV can help people save significant amounts of money on their TV bills, which kind of makes sense why Comcast wouldn’t want them to be running on its NBC stations.

In a post on its official blog Sling TV says that so far Comcast owned and operated NBC stations in San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. have rejected its ads.

Sling TV points out that this action is in contrast to the fact that its ads are currently running across networks CBS, ABC, Fox owned and operated stations and affiliates as well as independently-owned NBC affiliates.

The company says that this is ironic as it just goes to show that traditional pay-TV players “just don’t get it,” as many are now tired of long-term contracts and expensive programming bundles, they just want to watch great content including sports on the devices that they use on a daily basis with rational pricing.

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