Snake River Shooting Products has announced that it’s now shipping Drone Munition shot shell based defense rounds, this ammo manufacturer is basically doing a marketing push following the story of a man shooting down a drone hovering over his house that gained quite a bit of steam both online and on TV. It says that these 12 gauge 3″ shot shell rounds are “aimed at defending against drone-based privacy concerns and terror!”


Drones are becoming powerful and cheaper while the privacy concerns surrounding these gadgets haven’t still been fully addressed, there’s no problem with this product itself but strap a camera on to it and it becomes an easy way to violate someone’s privacy.

It’s no wonder that many are going to great lengths to keep drones from infringing on their privacy, as previously mentioned some are even going so far as to shoot them down.

Snake River Shooting Products thus created Drone Munition to “provide defense against the danger,” it’s lead free but still provides a high quality load and Snake River promises that it will effectively neutralize a drone that’s hovering above your property.

Drone Munition loads will be available from Lucky Gunner in both 2 shot and BB, ammo can be purchased online through www.luckygunner.com. Distributors like Texas Ammo Group and Axelson Tactical will also be carrying Drone Munition.

If you’re not into guns there’s more than one way of taking down a drone that’s bugging you as this fisherman demonstrated all too well.

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