In the past we have seen Sony launch wearables before, although when it comes to smartwatches, the company hasn’t really made that leap yet, at least until now. It seems that Sony has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a smartwatch called the Wena Wrist, which stands for “Wear Electronics Naturally”.

As you can see in the video, the Wena Wrist does not look like your typical smartwatch. In fact upon first glance you might even think that this is a regular analog watch, and to a certain extent it is. However thanks to it being able to pair with your smartphone via a dedicated app, it will be able to alert the wearer to notifications.

This will come via vibrations or an LED alert light, thus keeping it minimal and not so obvious. It will also be able to track your activities if that’s what you’re interested in. Best of all, Sony is claiming that the Wena Wrist will last about a week on a single charge which is pretty good news for those worried about battery life. The timepiece itself will last much longer.

If you’d like to learn more, you can hit up the watch’s crowdfunding website, although it is in Japanese so good luck trying to navigate it. Sony expects that the watch should start shipping to customers who have backed it next March and will be priced starting at around $287.

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