tesla_model_xTo say that Tesla Motors Inc. has plenty of eyeballs scrutinizing it when it comes to the upcoming SUV model, the Model X (which has already undergone testing), is to be modest. However, it is rather interesting to note that Elon Musk and his team have not made any kind of announcement concerning an official release date, so we are pretty much left in the dark as to when the Model X will hit the market. However, this does not mean that there are no nuances that we cannot pick up from on the outside.

With word going around that Elon Musk himself will make an appearance on Steven Colbert’s Late Show in a fortnight’s time is certainly something – perhaps that is when Mr. Musk will shed more light on the Model X, or perhaps he might even launch the Model X right there any then. After all, Mr. Musk has not made too many appearances on TV in recent times, perhaps due to the fact that he has been occupied with the day to day running of Tesla Motors and Space X, and at the same time, cajoling yet another company, SolarCity, to be a success where the solar market niche is concerned.

Well, when do you think the Model X will launch?

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